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2014 GMC Sierra 1500


GMC Sierra 1500

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  • Drained transfer case via drain plug. Removed propeller shaft from front axle and removed slip yoke from front transfer case output shaft. Seal is seized on to output shaft of transfer case due to extended period of leak present. Requires additional 0.5 FRH to remove. Removed seized seal, and inspected output shaft and seal mating surface for damage during removal. No issues found. Installed NEW seal, and reassembled in reverse order. Filled with 1.6 qts of Dexron VI fluid per OEM specification. Seal now operating as designed.
  • Removed (4) bolts to gain access to front transfer case output shaft seal. After completing repair, reassembled in reverse order.
  • Removed air filter upper cover. NOTE: (1) screw for housing cover has pulled itself through mounting bore. Removed lower air filter housing. Removed cover for bulb housing. Removed bulb. Connector ok @ this time. Replaced bulb with NEW bulb. Reassembled system in reverse order. Verified operation. System operating as designed.
  • Removed cover for bulb housing. Removed bulb. Connector ok @ this time. Replaced bulb with NEW bulb. Installed cover for bulb housing. Rechecked electrical systems using Lab Scope after repair. Verified operation and no codes returned. System operating as designed.
  • Verified concern. Battery completely depleted (3.6 V @ 0 CCA). Charged battery. Vehicle now operates. Scanned electrical systems using lab scope. Found multiple short to ground and low voltage codes in BCM and Exterior Lamp Modules. Inspected LF headlight. Found bulb burnt. Suspect bulb shorted and caused parasitic draw. Recommend replacing both headlight bulbs and clear codes and recheck for proper operation. Transfer case leaking @ front propeller shaft output seal. May have a leak at propeller shaft flex coupler as well. Repair transfer case leak first and recheck for leak at flex coupler boot.
  • Towed vehicle to shop
Steve H. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/31/2020
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